Thursday, January 05, 2006


This is my first post and first foray into the blogosphere. Let me quickly explain what I hope to accomplish here. In recent years I've done a lot of traveling aboard planes, trains, buses and taxis. I've amassed some interesting stories and helpful hints. I hope to share them with you and to solicit yours in turn. I'm looking for travel stories, both good and bad--not what you did once you arrived or who you met, but what you experienced in transit. Perhaps you learned where never to sit aboard a train or plane; or perhaps you learned a trick or two about obtaining special services from stubborn staff. I'll commence over the next few days by sharing some of my recent tales, and over time I'll dig deeper in my memory to produce harrowing Greyhound stories, Amtrak nightmares and the like. Here's to a New Year and a new blog--



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