Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sun Sets on SunChips

I'm not certain about this, but I believe that Delta has discontinued its offering of SunChips on domestic flights. My last four trips with Delta have lacked SunChips--except one segment between SLC and SFO where I was offered them in first class. This is very disappointing, since the cheese crackers, peanuts and crunchy granola bar are less than satisfying--not to mention loaded with ingredients only a nutritionist (and a horrified one at that) could identify. I asked my flight attendant on Monday what happened to my beloved chips, and she replied, "They left." Apparently they sprang feet and marched out. Damn those potato chip unions!

It appears Delta has also made changes to its snackbox. On my last trip, I ripped into my box and sadly discovered dried papaya granola mix where Oreos used to be. We'll hope this was a temporary substitution.

Delta should really consider supplementing its meager menu with "for-sale" items such as sandwiches and salads. Other airlines have made this move, and I for one was quite satisfied by United's ceasar salad with a side of fruit. US Air's $7.00 sandwiches, by contrast, leave a lot to be desired.


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