Saturday, April 01, 2006

Train Stories

Be sure to check out Marcel's diary on Trainblog recounting his experiences aboard Amtrak. He tells a tale of woe about an aborted trip on the Coast Starlight--in which he ended up aboard a bus. He appears, remarkably, to be keeping his wits about him amidst the chaos.

His most recent post describes the Cascades train, which I considered riding last fall when Patrick and I traveled aboard the Coast Starlight from San Jose to Vancouver, WA. Marcel describes it as worn, rocky and in need of repairs, but it provides many scenic views en route to Vancouver, BC. Apparently Marcel continues to enjoy full-scale dining service, but he links to another passenger's account of the simplified dining service recently put in place aboard the Sunset Limited and other trains. The menu remains much the same, and to my delight, the passenger describes the food as only slightly less tasty.


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