Friday, September 01, 2006

Delta Polyglots? And a Travel Deal

Earlier this week I received an email from Delta (I receive at least five a week) alerting me to a new promotion: if I book an international flight in the coming weeks, I'll be entitled to a free language lesson. The offer doesn't specify if the language lesson must correspond to the language spoken in the country I'm visiting. I hope not, because my potential European travel plans involve only England--not that my English couldn't use some brushing up. Lessons are apparently downloadable after one books one's international ticket. Next thing you know Delta will be offering student flyers free SAT and GRE prep courses. Nothing says customer service like helping your customers become wiser and more cosmopolitan.

In other Delta news...our readers in the New York area, or those with easy access to JFK Airport, should know that Delta is offering a great deal on flights to London that will commence operation in November. Coach tickets are going for around $300, BusinessElite seats for not much over $1000. Strike while the iron's hot!


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