Saturday, October 14, 2006

British Airways Absurdity

A former Heathrow ticket agent is suing British Airways for suspending her for wearing a Christian cross over-top her uniform. BA claims that all religious jewelry and paraphernalia must be worn, when possible, underneath uniforms. Of course, one can't wear religious head-gear and scarves atop a uniform, so those items are permissible--thus privileging certain religious expressions over others. Why British Airways wants to go to bat for this inane policy, I'm not sure. If the woman had been proselytizing or discriminating against customers on religious grounds, then the company would have had every reason to suspend (hell, fire) her. But an unobstrusive necklace worn by millions of Christians--of varying ideological shades--every day? BA should spend more time improving its service and less time writing and enforcing policies that, in the name of equality and neutrality, impose an intellectually vapid nationalism over top religious and cultural diversity.


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