Monday, February 20, 2006

Delta Lost My Dog

Well, not exactly, but Vivi, the award winning whippet that escaped from her cage at JFK airport, looks just like the whippet I grew up with (her name is Chelsea, she's 16 years old and can still run circles around most dogs and certainly around me). The story saddens me, because I imagine a sweet but scared dog--whippets are known for their skittishness--fleeing into the water nearby and drowning due to the heavy blanket in she was wrapped. Of course, Vivi may still be alive, but with each passing day the odds grow slimmer (although I read that it's not uncommon for an escaped whippet to spend as many as five days in hiding--and Vivi knows how to hunt).

Shame on Delta, by the way, for losing this beautiful creature. Surely they'll pay a pretty penny for her loss, but I always hate it when dogs are quantified like lost luggage or damaged golf clubs. In order to get a search crew to scour the woods for Vivi, her owner had to embellish the dog's worth. I'm waxing sentimental, I know, but one must allow a child an attachment to his dog. This one's for you, Chelsea.


Anonymous Patrick said...

Does this hurt your relationship with Delta? do you blame a person or the organization?

2:07 PM  

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