Sunday, August 13, 2006

Camels in the Cabin

Just when we thought all indulgences had been banned aboard commercial flights, a German entrepreneur has started an upscale airline--sporting only first and business class seats--that caters to smokers. That's right--passengers, all 400 of them aboard the airline's 747 aircraft, can light up in flight. Of course years ago many commercial flights permitted smoking. Still, can you imagine the asphyxiating fog 400 smokers could create puffing away on one cigarette after another? For now, the fledgling company will operate only between Dusseldorf and Japan. But who knows, if the idea takes off, perhaps smokers worldwide will finally find a place--albeit 37,000 feet in the air--where they are welcome.


Blogger Evan said...

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Blogger Evan said...

It's bad enough coming out of a bar in Virginia reeking of cigarette smoke (and this is saying a lot, since I myself am a smoker). I've been spoiled by NYC and Boston's "no smoking indoors" law. I can't imagine what it would be like to sit on a long flight in this, although I am sure the air circulation would help things a bit...

And, yes, the previously deleted comment was mine...some bad typos.

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