Monday, September 04, 2006

Delta Glams It Up

If you check out Delta's website, you'll find a link to "In-Flight Fashion," where the airline advertises its new emphasis upon fashion and in-flight amenities. Apparently Delta was featured in a recent episode of Project Runway, and will appear again this week. Since I lack cable, someone will have to fill me in on the details. Meanwhile, Delta continues to promote its signature cocktails--the mojitos are quite tasty, I agree, and pleasantly free of high fructose corn syrup--as well its new BusinessElite menu, which was designed by a celebrity chef. In June, the airline partnered with upscale retailer Henri Bendel to promote its expanded international service, and as reported here, last spring hired Richard Tyler to design new uniforms for its flight attendants. Wondering why not all of the flight attendants were filigreed in these stylish numbers, I asked a flight attendant, who replied that they looked silly and agreed with me that they resembled raincoats.

Whether these style upgrades will translate into more revenue or improved customer loyalty, I'm not certain. The high-class facade falters as customers remember Delta's bankrupty, its near avoidance of a strike, its persistent cutting of employee benefits and pensions--and most recently, the tragic Comair crash in Kentucky. That said, given that all the legacies, and even many of the budget airlines, are struggling to stay afloat, perhaps tiny perks like these will raise Delta above the fray and restore a portion of its lost respectability.


Blogger Evan said...

Delta was featured on last week's episode of Project Runway - the contestants were flown to Paris to show off their latest clothing designs on their own backs - as "jetsetters". They flew first class, drinking champagne served by flight attendants wearing the new trademark bright red raincoats.

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