Thursday, November 09, 2006

"You can only be free...when you have nothing to lose"

A 20 year-old man from Frankfurt, Germany, decided that he wanted to travel Europe by train. His preferred travel class - outside the train.Also known as "The Trainrider", this guy was diagnosed with leukemia and chose to spend his last days "train surfing" and videotaping his escapades. He died earlier this year - not from surfing, but rather cancer. The tribute video, containing footage filmed in 2005 before his death, can be viewed at this link. It's pretty impressive (and somewhat poignant, knowing that this represents his final days)...the ICE bullet train shown during the beginning and end of the video routinely travels at speeds of 300 kph (186 MPH).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

he didn't have cancer. genious way to mislead the police

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