Monday, January 15, 2007

Merger Mania

As USAir tries once again to take over Delta, and as United and Continental continue their discussion of consolidation, we learn this week that Airtran has made a move for Midwest Airlines. A second move, in fact. The first, which failed, went unreported in early December. Midwest enjoys a stellar reputation for offering wide, leather seats and freshly baked cookies on most flights. Their Milwaukee hub would complement Airtran's Atlanta hub nicely, but the diminutive Midwest thinks that it can survive even in the current chaos that is the aviation industry, and that a merger with Airtran might compromise its customer service. But with Aitran upping its bid and Midwest only recently emerging from a string of unprofitable quarters, one can't be sure that Airtran won't emerge victorious. And if USAir and United gobble up Delta and Continental, respectively, passengers can look forward to fewer flights and higher prices. It's the future, and we might as well brace ourselves for it.


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