Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Song vs. Jetblue

A friend of mine emailed me yesterday to tell me about his recent experiences on Jetblue Airways and Song. I have flown Jetblue myself, but never Song, so it is interesting to hear from the perspective of someone who has flown both airlines...

"I am sad to see Song go away; I had a great flight, and the embedded TVs were touch-screen with a whole host of multimedia options (mp3s, tv channels, movies, games, etc). The flight attendants were funny and lively. JetBlue, by comparison, felt like my last trip on US Airways. The flight attendants were capable, but generally seemed discouraged with life. Plus, the TV screens were smaller (though the pilot mentioned they would be upgrading by the end of the year). I will give them credit for actually giving us snacks, and also giving us several options for those snacks. But overall-- I thought there wasn't a whole heck of a lot separating JetBlue from other carriers except for their generally-lower airfares."

There you have it. I myself was quite pleased with Jetblue's service when I flew across the country from Boston to San Jose, California back in December. However, I do agree that the flight attendants on Jetblue are nothing out of the ordinary, and their television screens do not feature touch-screen technology. I am glad to hear that the airline is doing well enough to be upgrading to larger, more advanced options, even when their main competitor is going out of business in the near future. The snacks options on Jetblue are quite nice, however. We were given about 6-7 options of chips/crackers/cookies at the beginning of the flight, and a "snack pack" near the end of the flight, which featured cheese spread, crackers, cookies, and a number of other items.

Either way, I am still impressed with the luxuries offered by low-cost carriers these days. AirTran's XM Satellite Radio is nice, and a personal TV on Song or Jetblue isn't too shabby, either.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't even get me started on the interior color scheme on a Song flight. The multicolored seats match the tones you'd find in an Easter basket.

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