Saturday, January 14, 2006

Worth Waiting For

In addition to obsessing over travel itineraries and frequent flier miles, I follow professional golf, men's and women's. Yesterday, while awaiting my delayed flight to Salt Lake City in Reagan airport, I spotted Nancy Lopez--arguably one of the top five female golfers of all time--and Rosie Jones, the most prominent lesbian currently playing competitively (she finished among the money leaders last year--her retirement year!)on the LPGA tour.

Not wanting to make a scene or be a boor, I quietly approached them with a pen and paper and got their autographs. I'm kicking myself, though, for failing to buy a women's golf magazine--their signatures would have looked much nicer upon it than upon the crinkled piece of paper I grabbed from my backpack.

My flight to Salt Lake was delayed an hour and fifteen minutes, as were many other flights leaving Reagan Yesterday. For most of the morning yesterday, flights were unable to land at Reagan due to thick fog--creating a real backup at the gates. The situation was exacerbated--for Delta at least--by thunderstorms in Atlanta yesterday afternoon. Fortunately I made my connection in Salt Lake (many of the planes were delayed out of Salt Lake because a large fraction of their passengers were coming from the East Coast)and arrived in San Francisco on time at 10PM.

I flew first class from Salt Lake to San Francisco and was pleasantly surprised to find flight attendants pouring wine from full-sized bottles (instead of the miniatures one finds in coach). Unfortunately, the wine tasted like rubbing alcohol, so I transitioned to Canadian Club and soda. Most pleasing, I discovered my beloved SunChips, which have been conspicuously absent from my last few flights, even aboard first class. I hope this means they aren't gone forever!


Anonymous Patrick said...

Nancy and Rosie? Post pictures! On a related note, do airlines give celebrities preferential treatment?

8:24 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

Actually, they do. Delta is the official airline of the PGA Tour.

2:42 PM  
Blogger Phlip said...


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