Monday, April 24, 2006

It Ain't Paris, But...

The Inn at Riverbend, a new bed and breakfast in Pearisburg, VA offers scenic views and first-class service. Patrick and I stayed there this weekend and enjoyed delicious breakfasts--quiche yesterday, french toast today, along with homemade chocolate chip scones and fresh fruit--and an elevated view (from the "Jessica" room, named after the owners' daughter) of the New River. Most enjoyable, from my view, were the sights and sounds of the countless freight trains that wound their way along the river along the Norfolk and Southern line. Nothing beats falling asleep and awakening to the distant yet distinct hum of an approaching engine.

Located in Southwest Virginia, approximately thirty minutes west of Virginia Tech along Route 460, Pearisburg boasts gorgeous scenery, a real "old town" feel--if one goes for that kind of thing (I might if I were more butch and less skittish around big trucks and large men in hats and boots)--and a recently opened, but critically acclaimed, restaurant called The Bank, whose chef migrated to VA from Las Vegas. Unfortunately we lacked a reservation and missed the fine cuisine, but since Patrick will be moving to the area soon, I'm sure we'll make a return trip. Planes and trains won't get you there, but a slightly stressful drive down Interstate 81--alongside trucks galore--and a pleasant ride west on 460 will. Bring your bible, though--there's a church for every person!


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