Friday, August 18, 2006

Northwest to Workers: Go Dumpster Diving

Evan turned me on to this ridiculous news item. Apparently Northwest distributed a four-page booklet to its workers entitled "Preparing for a Financial Setback," which enumerated "101 ways to save money." Among the suggestions, taking one's date for a walk on the beach, shopping in thrift stores and--here's the best--not being "shy to pull something you like out of the trash." That's right, when times get rough and your boss eliminates your pension, cuts your salary and trims benefits, don't despair; simply change your perspective. What formerly looked like trash might now appear as treasure. For example, when approaching your gate you used to spy that half-eaten Nathan's hot dog in the trash and think, yuck, garbage, as the flies circled. But now you see dinner...or maybe just a light snack.

Shame on Northwest for bestializing its workers. Next thing you know they'll be telling fired employees to have a little talk with Jesus. Thanks Evan...


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