Sunday, September 17, 2006

Accidents or Al Qaeda?

In an effort to diversify my news sources, I've borrowed this report from the India Daily News...

"Strategic experts" in aviation security are warning airlines and the airborne public that Al Qaeda might be testing for weak-spots in major airports across the world. Recent "accidents," such as luggage left aboard aircraft and knives passing through security unnoticed, might not be accidents at all. Terrorist groups might be exploring weaknesses in the system in advance of a serious attack. Whether these experts possess evidence supporting such claims remains unclear. To my knowledge, most of the people involved in recent headline incidents had no ties to terrorist organizations; and yet experts want us to believe that they might be shrewd operatives whose bumbling and babbling (like the crazy woman who pissed the floor on a recent United Airlines flight) disguise nefarious intentions. All jokes aside, I'm completely on-board, pardon the pun, heightened vigilance.


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