Saturday, September 16, 2006

No Northwest Strike

After issuing a temporary injunction against sporadic walk-outs by Northwest's flight attendants several weeks ago, the judge presiding over the case has now ruled, definitively, that the workers aren't entitled to do so--specifically, that they haven't made an exhaustive attempt to broker an agreement with the company and that their proposed walk-outs would unduly harm commerce and endanger the already bankrupt airline's survival. The judge's decision leaves open, however, the possibility that if after negotiating more vigorously (and perhaps with some compromises), the attendants find themselves still unable to accept the company's pay-cuts (30 million a month), they might be entitled to execute their plan. In the meantime, those holding or planning to purchase tickets with Northwest can do so without anxiety--bearing in mind, of course, that they might get a little attitude with their Aquafina during cabin service.


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