Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Polehinke Comes To

CNN reports that James Polehinke, the lone survivor of Comair's recent plane crash in Lexington, KY, has regained consciousness but remains in serious condition. He hasn't mentioned the crash specifically, but he uttered his own version of Kurtz's "The Horror! The Horror!" when he asked those attending his bedside, "Why did God do this to me?" A better question, which he'll no doubt come to ask as he recovers, might be how did the first-in-command turn on to the wrong runway before handing over controls to Polehinke. Whether Polehinke remembers the accident in its entirety remains to be seen, and we may not know soon, as his physicians have asked family members not to pose crash-related questions.


Blogger Evan said...

Thanks for posting this. I probably would have missed this news had I not visited the site. I'm anxious to see what Polehinke has to say about the crash. After all, he was thinking clearly enough coming out of a coma to question his relationship with God.

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