Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Crescent Arrives

This morning I dropped John off at the Charlottesville Amtrak Station, where he began a long journey back to England via DC, New York, Shannon, Dublin and Edinburgh. Hopefully he'll send back some ruminations on his travels. Anyhow, I snapped this unfortunately grainy pic of the Crescent (New Orleans to New York: Train 20) as it arrived ninety minutes late into Charlottesville. A true train buff would have counted the cars, sleepers and so forth, but given that it was a Saturday morning and that I had awakened at 6:30, this pic was the best I could do.

As you can see, there's nothing high-tech about Charlottesville Amtrak. After collecting one's ticket inside the station, one walks outside, across some gravel and waits for the train's horn to signal its arrival. One boards the Cardinal, which runs three times a week between New York and Chicago, on the opposite side of the station. Pictures of the Cardinal coming soon...


Blogger Kristen said...

Excellent, Ben. I'm excited to see some personal photography on this blog. I'll be sharing some of my travels here soon and some images.

7:59 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

Kristen, my roommate, is on a cross country drive to Santa Cruz. Her first stop yesterday was in Louisville, Ky and she recommends the city highly. Good news for me, since I'll be spending a week there next summer!

Thanks for commenting from the road, Kristen.

9:27 PM  
Blogger Evan said...

Has Kristen seen the movie "Elizabetown"?

I'm glad to see you're now posting pics on the site. Perhaps that will motivate me to add some more posts to the blog.

It's a shame you weren't into trains as much back when I was living on Carrollton Terrace. Remember the excellent overhead view I had of the train tracks?

8:19 AM  
Blogger Evan said...

"Elizabethtown"...sorry for the misspelling

8:20 AM  
Blogger Ben said...

Since Kristen may not check in again soon to answer your question, Evan, I'll substitute and say that not only has she seen it, she owns it--and she appears to have taken it with her!

10:07 AM  

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