Monday, May 15, 2006

Baggage tracking Logan!!

It was announced this week that MASSPORT, the managing organization for Boston Logan International Airport, has contracted Boston Engineering to participate in a pilot program for improved baggage tracking. The new system uses radiofrequency identification technology (RFID) to simultaneously "tag" a passenger and his or her luggage at the time of check-in at the kiosk. The system is aimed at improving the tracking of both the tag and passenger throughout the journey from departure, through connection, and to destination.

The project is a collaboration between Boston Engineering and Virginia-based company Inkode, which developed the chipless technology it calls CRIS (Chipless Remote Identification System). Boston Engineering will apply this technology for the development of the baggage handling system. Because it is "chipless", the system is not susceptible to inactivation or interference by static electricity generated by baggage conveyors or by X-rays necessary for baggage screening.

Will the system be a success? With over 30 million pieces of baggage lost every year, an improvement to current methods of baggage handling is certainly welcome. Let's just see how quickly Logan will fuck it up.


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