Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Airport and Airline Rankings

Last week, JD Power and Associates released its consumer rankings for the nation's domestic airlines and airports...

Airlines are rated on six categories: overall satisfaction, flight reservations/scheduling, check-in, aircraft interior, flight crew, and in-flight amenities. Among the low-cost carriers, JetBlue, not surprisingly, came out in the lead, with top ratings in each of the categories. This also makes it the best airline overall (including both low-cost and "network" airlines). Continental tops the "network" airline category, closely following JetBlue. Delta Airlines also made a strong showing in the study, earning maximal ratings in all but the "check-in" category. Among the weakest: United and US Airways, with Northwest not far ahead.

Airports are organized into three categories: small, medium, and large. They are rated on five categories: airport accessibility, check-in process, security check, terminal facilities, and baggage claim. The "JD Power Award Recipients" are...

small airports: Dallas Love Field (DAL) and Houston Hobby International (HOU)

medium airports: Laguardia International (LGA) - this is surprising to me...it was here that I experienced an aborted landing just a few feet from the runway, although I guess "runway traffic" isn't taken into account in these ratings

large airports: McCarran International (LAS)

Obviously, they are doing something right in Texas.

How did my airport (Boston Logan International - a medium airport) do? "About average" in all categories except "airport accessibility", in which it performed "better than most"- identical to Washington Dulles International and Toronto Pearson International.

The intro page to the rankings can be accessed from this link.


Blogger Phlip said...

Check my blog for some pics of my recent trip to Texas on Continental. I always fly them and have not had any problems.

4:52 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

What do you like about Continental?

11:24 AM  
Blogger Phlip said...

In my experience (flying once or twice a year for the last ten years), their employees have always been friendly and competent. I've never had a customer service issue with them.

They still give you some food, at least on my flights from the East Coast to Houston and back. (Sometimes the food isn't great, but my expectations are low so I'm not disappointed.) They give you a bottle of water when you board the turbo-prop for the 20-minute hop from IAH-BPT.

They are usually on time.

Their planes seem to be in good condition.

I guess that's it. Am I too easily satisfied? :)

3:37 PM  

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