Saturday, August 19, 2006

Eons in Line, or Eos?

As security queues extend to Timbuktu at major airports, customers look for alternatives. Thus, the recent boon in business for high-end and charter airlines that operate out of smaller airports. Eos and Maxjet airlines, which fly between the U.S. and London's Stansted airport, report an upsurge in ticket sales following last week's terrorism scare. Eos is much nicer than Maxjet, but both boast business class seats only--as well as shorter lines and more personalized service. Interestingly, their prices are comparable--if not less, in the case of Maxjet--to the legacy carriers' business and first class seats. But as legacy passengers waited hours in line this week, or discovered their flights canceled, Eos and Maxjet passengers encountered little worse than 15-minute delays. If you're an east-coaster (sorry west coasters--Eos and Maxjet haven't extended their service to California, although I think Maxjet is considering it) planning a trip to London in the near future, you might want to give these carriers a try. At the very least, check out their websites and get a price quote.


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