Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No Dogs in the First Class Lounge

This story is a bit dated, but I figured I'd relate it anyway. A few months back, rapper Snoop Doggy Dog and his posse (the dogpound?) scuffled with police in Heathrow airport after British Airways denied certain members of the group entry to its first class lounge. Turns out Snoop flies first class but certain of his minions do not--and coach tickets, surprise surprise, don't gain one entry to a first class lounge. The ensuing dispute resulted in injuries for seven police officers---and although no one was arrested, Snoop is no longer allowed to fly British Airways. So, for those of you with hip-hop allergies, BA might be your best bet. The snob in me says that Snoop--currently featured in a gum ad where minty freshness purifies his profane mouth and saves him from a fiery hell alongside acid-tongued old maids--belongs on Southwest where, no doubt, he'd find ample opportunities to sing, curse and cause mayhem. Gin and juice, anyone?


Blogger Evan said...

good call!

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