Wednesday, July 05, 2006

They may be cheap, but the ads are priceless...

Europe's largest and first low cost air carrier, Ryanair, may receive a lot of flack about its philosophy of how to offer cheap fares. The airline is famous for its cramped (yet new) 737-800 planes that feature plastic upholstered seating, the lack of seatback pockets, emergency instructions pasted on the rear of the seats, no seat reclining capability, and very little legroom. However, the airline embraces the lack of passenger amenities, and even has gone so far as to present the following ads to the public...
Needless to say, these ads, as well as others that misrepresent the airline's performance with regard to check-in procedures and on-time departures, have presented problems for the company. They don't care...the advertising still works (and one can see the airline poking fun at its criticism in the second ad, which reads "let's keep producing tacky advertising"). Isn't it brilliant?

...A different philosophy compared to that of Jetblue's, indeed.


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