Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Northwest's Air Scare

For today, at least, a looming strike isn't the biggest of Northwest Airline's problems. Its daily flight from Amsterdam to Mumbai, India returned to Amsterdam escorted by two fighter jets. Apparently some of the passengers aroused suspicion, although details have not emerged. Jitters subsequent to the terror scare of two weeks ago will no doubt cause more of these incidents, creating further disruptions for air travelers. Northwest cancelled flight 42, the one in question, for today but will resume service tomorrow. If more information surfaces about the 12 passengers who were arrested after the flight landed, I'll post it as a comment to this thread.


Blogger Ben said...

I changed the link in the post to a new story that provides a few more details. The suspicious behavor included passing around cell phones, looking into plastic bags and failing to heed the seatbelt lights. It sounds as if the pilot--who instigated the turnaround--was just being cautious. Necessarily cautious, though.

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