Thursday, August 24, 2006

Funky Fuselage...

From The Boston Globe...

A US Airways flight was diverted from its route from Manchester, NH to Charlotte, NC this afternoon due to passenger complaints that a sulfur-like odor on the plane was causing lightheadedness. The plane, carrying 116 passengers (from New Hampshire??) and five crew members, safely landed at Boston-Logan Airport, where the plane was safely evacuated. Four passengers complaining of feeling ill were evaluated by medical personnel. The cause of the stench has not yet been determined.

I am willing to bet that the smell was due to something rupturing in a passenger's luggage, and that the source of the odor was never the plane itself. Even worse, could this be yet another case of severe flatulence? This phenomenon is known to be more frequent in the air due to the air pressure changes...face it, we all have gas from time to time, and it has to go somewhere, especially when you rapidly enter an atmosphere of slightly less pressure than that on the ground. I have seen on more than one occasion (on TV, mind you) a flight attendant complain of passenger flatulence as a major drawback of their jobs. Have you ever experienced a whopping dose of hydrogen sulfide upon climbing out of the airport? 'Makes you want to think twice about downing 3 or 4 beers and a chicken basket at Popeye's before hopping on the plane for a 3-hour flight (yes, I speak from experience almost harrowing flight after a delay from Atlanta to Newport News years ago).

Do your fellow passengers a favor: stay away from the Pabst the night before you fly, and stick to light foods on the day you travel.

(Do you like my cutesy alliterative blogpost title? I worked hard on that...)


Blogger Ben said...

I quite like the alliterative title. I can't believe you ate Popeye's before boarding a flight. Drinking beer before or during a flight can be a huge disaster, which is why I stick to liquor and wine. Thanks for posting this--I had missed it.

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